We would like to make this beautiful place available especially to all yoga interested persons. Yogateachers togehter with their groups like to come to Villa Govinda. Further the local yogis and devotees meet regularly at Villa Govinda for Satsang and Kirtan (mantra singing).


We wish that you can deepen your practice here and at the same time make exciting holidays. This island has a very special atmosphere. Possibly it is due to the volcanic origin, or the beautiful weather or nature- but this island, with its beauty, its purity, its friendly and relaxed population has cast its spell on us.


We are a small group of yoga-affine persons, we have practiced daily yoga and meditation for years and are initiated into the Kriya Yoga Path and the Bhakti Yoga Path. In addition, some of us practice and teach Hatha Yoga (classical Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, yoga therapy, triyoga).

We are still living in Europe, but are shifting our focus increasingly to la Palma. This place is climatically the best place of La Palma, almost always sunny, not too warm, not too cold, beautiful all year round. We hope that many yoga interested people will discover this place for themselves and that, over time, a community will emerge on and around this place.

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