On La Palma you will discover something new and exciting every day. Beaches and national parks can be reached quickly. The place is ideal to discover the beautiful island.

Here are some 360º virtual tours of La Palmas best tourist attractions, museums, beaches, excursions, observatories, hikes, boat trips, paragliding, stars, restaurants, shops and much more:

You can expect beautiful, varied hikes in the mountains and rainforests and clean, uncrowded beaches. You can stroll through beautiful old towns and experience the relaxed friendliness with which the locals meet everyone here.


Whether you are more into sailing-trips and deep-sea fishing in the Gulf Stream or after hikes and mountain bike rides, whether you enjoy sun bathing and swimming or like to see the sun sinking into the sea in the evening, La Palma is so multifaceted and invites you to so many interesting discoveries and activities that you will fall in love with this island.

Also La Palma has one of the cleanest skies in the world so the EU has built many important star-observatories and one of the biggest telescopes.

Hiking in Rainforests
Beautiful Sunsets
Sunrise at the Observatory, 2.500m
Incredible Night Skies
Paragliding Hot Spot, Tandem Jumps
Colour Waterfall in the NationalPark
Explore the Caves
Untouches Beaches
Beautiful Sunsets
Dark & very fine sand
Pure Romantic
Attractive Hikes all year round
Clean Beaches
Clearest Sky in the World
Perfect for Yoga
Beautiful Hikes
Worlds Best Climate
Excursions Over the Clouds
Discover many Beaches
Beautiful Views
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