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With just 100/month, you get a Life Membership. This means you can come to Villa Govinda at any time and stay there. There you can immerse yourself into your yoga practice and spend time with interesting people, give you your best and benefit from the exchange with them to the maximum.


The monthly costs of Villa Govinda amount to approx. 2.500 €. All money raised through donations is used to further enhance Villa Govinda and to acquire the land surrounding it and revive it with sattvic energy.

The next projects:

  • Purchase of couch for the lower apartment - possibly extendable (+1 -2 beds)

  • Sun roof for the yoga platform (wooden construction with awning) - for a shady yoga place all day

  • Two outdoor showers each in the upper and lower garden - to be able to shower off after the Hatha Yoga

  • Changing Rooms for men and women separated - to store his things properly during Yoga Classes

  • Bluetooth sound system - to fill the property with mantras

  • Setting up a garden bungalow - to accommodate more devotees and yogis (+2 beds)

  • Setting up a sauna - benficial for meditaiton and regenration

  • Buying the adjacent banana plantation - to grow organic fruit and organic vegetables, to become self-sufficient

  • Creating a Tulasi garden - simply because we love Tulasi

  • Prasadam Seva will be established (distribution of holy, vegetarian, sattvic food)

  • Yoga Seva will be established (Hatha Yoga and meditation classes, daily)

  • Harinam Seva / Kirtan Seva will be established (common mantra chanting at sunset, daily)

  • Tulsi Seva will be set up (distributing Tulasi plants to qualified persons)

  • Installation of solar panels on the unused west side of the property - to become self-sufficient

  • Installation of noiseless wind generators - to become self-sufficient

  • Purchase and refurbishment of the adjoining house - to provide lodging for more devotees and yogis and possibly as a library (+2 beds)

  • Buying and preparing the house opposite - to grow the community (+4 beds, + terrace garden)

  • Purchase of the land around the plantation - to get together 2,500m², which is a prerequisite for a construction

  • Building a very special house / yoga center there - to make the community grow (+10 beds, vegetable garden/permaculture)

At the end, there will be four-five houses, beds for 20-30 People (not counting terrace, tents...), with agriculture and perfect for any yoga needs (meditation places, hatha yoga platforms, many kitchens...).


So with your money we will build a beautiful yoga community on La Palma, a place where there is always spring, where there is no pollution, and which is secure to build from all kinds of wars and disasters. Support this project with your daily work! You can be part of it. Your donation will make you rich and give you the opportunity to live here anytime. In this place you will be safe from the turmoils of WW3.

your donation will help:

  1. To make people contact their highest self

  2. Develop a loving, serving attitude 

  3. For people to regain their health

  4. Children can grow up in good company.

  5. The blessings you earn from them will be very conducive to your development.

There will be plenty of opportunities to do seva (selfless service) or to engage in special talents (music, healing, massage, teaching, dance, cooking, permaculture, craftsmanship, sanskrit, ...).

If there are too many people, then those who have been here the longest will just move to the little houses in the garden, sleep in a tent, or on the terrace. As it stands, we all still have commitments in Europe. It is likely that at the beginning most will only be here for a few weeks a year. At the beginning normal tourists have booked the house every now and then. The more support we receive, the sooner we will be able to provide this wonderful place entirely and exclusively to yogis and devotees.

What has been achieved so far:

  • Villa Govinda was found and aquired

  • Friendly contact with the local Vaishnavas, Yogis and Bretharians was established

  • New team for guest care on site and garden maintenance was found and incorporated

  • The flat roofs were lovingly laid with tiles and converted to two yoga platforms/sun terraces

  • The upper apartment has been made habitable and now has a new kitchen, a pull-out couch and a table with panoramic view

  • Number of guest beds already increased from 6 to 8.

  • Lawnmowers and tools were purchased

  • Orange painting of the yogaterraces

  • The solar hot water system was transported to the small flat roof

  • The SAT receiver and the antenna were attached to the outer wall and no longer interfere with the yoga platform

  • WIFI is now available throughout the house

  • Two flat-screen TVs were installed

  • Professional photographers took pictures

  • Second website version was created

The blessings of several wonderful and friendly gurus rest on this project. We invite you to join us.

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