The Place

Unlimited +100 Mbit/s Fiber Optic Internet Connection and WIFI

Unfortunately, almost all of La Palma has very poor Internet, which can be a bit stressful, especially if you need an excellent internet connection for your job.


We are all the more pleased that Villa Govinda was recently added to the Orange glas fibre network and can welcome you now with a +100Mb (up- and download) Internet Line that has unlimited data consumption included! This means that you can participate in all your online business meetings without worrying about bandwith problems and that you can stream and Netflix all you want, anytime.


Pure Drinking Water

pure water.jpg

Since one shouldn't drink the tap water in Spain, people usually buy large plastic water containers in the supermarket, which are heavy to carry and have to be disposed after use. The natural water sources that were once used for refilling are now closed due to Corona restrictions.


Villa Govinda has invested into a high quality water filter system. Here you can drink the purest water, pH neutral, free from all heavy metals, free from any chemicals and free from bacteria and viruses. With every sip you are helping each cell in your body regenerate and you will very quickly feel its positive effect on your mind and body.

Responsible that your loved ones have a perfect accommodation?

Poor accommodation leads to dissatisfaction and frustration among fellow travelers, which can bring along tensions. 

With Villa Govinda, you can't go wrong. It lies beautifully and offers you all comfort. More details below.


Interested in clean, deserted beaches and unspoiled nature? 


Many Spanish islands have become victims of mass-tourism, so one can't really feel comfortable there anymore. 

On La Palma, the local government decided years ago to freeze all construction for hotel projects after observing developments in Gran Canaria and Tenerife. 

Here, on the most beautiful island of the Canary Islands (called la isla bonita), you will find lonely, clean beaches, crystal clear water and unspoiled nature. Here you will be able to enjoy and relax completely.

You want to avoid spending time on the cold and cloudy side of the island?

In the northwest of the island it rains and storms almost daily. On the east coast it's mostly covered, so you can't see the sun. 

Villa Govinda is officially located on the sunniest place in Europe, with a wonderful view over the Atlantic. It is always pleasantly warm here and all your family members will feel very comfortable.


Which is the optimal altitude to live on la Palma? 


Too high up the mountain it is too cold in winter and in summer too hot, as the stones absorb the sun's heat. Too close down at the coast it is too humid and hot. 

Villa Govinda is just right at 440m above sea level - it is one of the few places in the Canary Islands with a green, lush lawn with many shady spots - so that you have a perfect micro-climate there.

Do you want to enjoy the tranquility of the environment? 

When choosing the right accommodation, caution is advised, some are next to chicken farms and the rooster wakes you up very early in the morning. Suffering from noises can spoil your vacation. 

At Villa Govinda you can enjoy the tranquility of the environment around the clock, because Villa Govinda is picturesquely located in the middle of banana-, avocado- and mango plantations. You can relax here and recharge your energy stores completely.


Looking for a place that is close to the most beautiful beaches? 


On some days the waves are so high that even good swimmers cannot enter the water. 

Villa Govinda is very close to the only beach that is so protected that you can always go swimming safely there (Puerto de Tazacorte). Several beautiful sandy beaches (e.g. Playa la Veta) can be reached quickly from there as well.

Would you like all the amenities of a luxurious finca, but just want to spend money for a small apartment? 

Villa Govinda consists of three independent apartments (each for 2-4 people). Each apartment has its own garden area and its own entrance. 

So you can share the pool, barbecue area and sun terraces with the other apartments and still have an area where you can retreat and have your privacy. As a result, you only pay as for a small apartment, but have all the amenities of an exclusive luxury finca. And most likely, you will meet new friends with the same interests as you at the BBQ area or at the pool.


Travelling in a large group? 


There are but a few places where larger groups can spend vacation together. 

Villa Govinda can comfortably accommodate 10 people (not including sleeping bag spaces, sofa and hammocks). So you can spend wonderful time - all together.

Looking for a place with a pool? 

Then watch out! In some resorts the pools are not heated, in others the water is hardly ever changed and is brimming with chlorine and all kinds of chemicals - this can lead to bitter disappointments! 

The beautiful pool of Villa Govinda, on the other hand, is a salt water pool, has no chemicals and the water exchange takes place continuously and regularly - and - it can be heated. This makes the water feel pleasantly soft and healthy; it is at a comfortable temperature and you and your family can swim and refresh in it all year round without having to worry about skin irritation or contracting a cold.


Looking forward to enjoying the wonderful sunsets in the evening with your loved ones? 


Not all accommodations have undisturbed sea views. So you often have to drive somewhere and need to consume something just to see the sun sink into the sea. 

Villa Govinda, on the other hand, offers you an unrestricted view of the Atlantic. Here you can make yourself comfortable in hammocks or on one of the numerous cosy places, relax with a good glass of red wine and watch the colorful spectacle as the sun slowly sinks into the sea. Without having to drive home afterwards.

Did you know, it can become pretty cool on La Palma once the sun has gone? 

Looking for a place that can be heated? Because otherwise you might freeze in the evenings and in the mornings. 

Villa Govinda has three wood stoves, one in each apartment, which provides pleasant warmth. There are also electric heaters in almost every room, so you never have to freeze on cool nights. 


Do you enjoy hot showers in the morning? 


Most accommodations on La Palma heat the water by the sun, so that you only have hot water after noon. 

In Villa Govinda, the water is preheated in the early morning, so you can start the day with a refreshing hot shower. This will help you keep your daily rhythm and you will start in a good mood into an exciting day full of discoveries.

Interested in yoga or sports? 

If your accommodation has no space for this, you may have to practice on the beach or public places, where anyone is watching, which can be embarrassing. 

Villa Govinda has two wonderful, sheltered sun terraces, so you can pursue your yoga-practice or gymnastics undisturbed.


Interested in beautiful hikes close by? 


Excellent, Villa Govinda is centrally located in the middle of natural beauties. From here you can drive to many of the most beautiful sights and hikes in a short time. So you can enjoy longer breakfasts and have shorter journeys to your daily destinations.

Is it difficult to get there? 

La Palma has its own airport. Flights go either directly or via a short stopover in Madrid. The return flight from Europe costs very little. Villa Govinda is a 45-minute drive from the airport.

How to explore the beautiful sides of the island? 


Best is to take a cheap rental car. You can pick it up directly at the airport and it costs only € 10-25 / day and is fully insured. Like this you can comfortably discover the whole island and need not worry about any damage to the car.


3 apartments (2-4 people) - each with its own garden area

Old palmerian finca - beautiful architecture

Green, lush meadows, beautiful garden, old trees

Heated salt water pool

Location in the middle of avocado and banana plantations

Panoramic view over the Atlantic to the west

Sun terraces

Covered barbecue area, outdoor kitchen

Perfect climate

Official rental license

+100mb Glass Fiber high speed Internet and WIFI

Pure water, High quality water filter


Washing machine