We are happy to offer you qualified Yoga classes on the sunny rooftop of Villa Govinda.
Our teacher team is certified and will guide you with all their experience and care to a state of inner calm and ease, that will leave you refreshed and renewed afterwards… and you will ask yourself maybe… why didn't I do that before? or maybe even every day? ;P Here on the island with the power and support of the pure elements it is a perfect place, to explore and create new and healthy habits that you will carry home with you as a lasting side effect.

Classes take place in the morning starting from 8:30 in summer and 9:30 in winter months, they include Pranayama (breath awareness) TriYoga Flows and Asana practice and deep relaxation - Yoga Nidra. The cost for a 90 minutes class is 15 €.

To support you even more in letting go of any tensions or stress, you can book a ThaiYoga or AyurYoga Massage from our experienced and qualified team.


If you want to really deepen your knowledge and understanding of TriYoga Flows it's highly recommended to go for an intensive workshop teacher training. We are able to provide you with a tailor made training, that will prepare you for TriYoga certification (Basics - Level 3)  and guide you as well on how to continue with further studies to receive the Yoga Alliance certification, if you wish.


You are very welcome to bring your own Yoga group as well and we offer you special packages and support for this. The place offers place for small groups of 8 persons max. at the moment. There is the option for more participants, if you want to offer as well a stay in tents. Please contact us below for further details or reserve your favourite dates for your retreat.

TriYoga Medium

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TriYoga Medium

good for beginners and re-starters

breathe awareness

free the hips and spine

Every Tuesday from 9:30 to 11:00

90 min = 15 €

TriYoga All Levels

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TriYoga All Levels

let's get warm sun salutations

standing postures connected with

wavelike spinal movements

Every Thursday from 9:30 to 11:00

90 min = 15 €


Private Classes

Yoga is a very individual practice by its nature and maybe you prefer to take individual classes.

Each body and mind are unique in their structure and make-up. Vandana considers your needs and limitations and together she works with you to discover the practice moment by moment that best supports you in your development and that will best meet your individual needs; and will help you to refine and lift up your practice to the next level.

Classes can take place in German or English.

Private Classes

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Private Classes

private yoga session

adapt to your needs

learn more

book an appointment

60 - 90 min / 40 - 60 €


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  • You can participate in the Yoga classes with or without booking a room at Villa Govinda (click here to book a room)

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The deep passive stretches and twists during the massage session allow habitual tensions to melt. Back in the active yoga flows I could sense how habitual tense spots benefited in an embodied memory of more space and flexibility. If I could I would combine Vandana's massage and yoga more often!

Hello Viola, the workshop was great - as a feedback first of all, I have never experienced such a precise Yoga that is even fun...
best greetings Dieter

Yoga teachers




Vandana has been teaching Yoga for 10 years. She deepened her own Yoga practice by studying TriYoga since 2009 and since 2012 she is an accredited teacher trainer. The unique style of TriYoga keeps on fascinating her ever since the first beginning. Sensitivity and power are both companions in this flowing yoga style which founds it`s 3-dimensional movements on very clear structures. All of her Education informs her classes and she's able to adapt a personalized yoga class to the students and their individual needs. Vandana's main objective is to help you to develop a safe, healing, joyful and meditative Yoga practice. Read more here:



Govinda Das is a Yoga teacher and author. Since the year 2000, he has been in contact with Vedic Philosophy and Yoga. He was initiated into the Kriya Yoga lineage of Sri Yukteshwar and Paramahamsa Hariharananda and received Harinam and Deeksha initiations from Sripad B.V. Sadhu Maharaja of Vrindavan, who also requested him to teach Yoga. Govinda is a certified TriYoga teacher.
Despite years of daily meditation and Hatha- Yoga practice, he sees himself merely as a student of Yoga, willing to share with others what worked and made sense to him. After having suffered a disc injury in the lumbar region, he focuses his teaching on strengthening and healing the lower back and the core area. He also accompanies the students to a higher level of Self-Awareness and intuitive understanding of Yoga.
Govinda was born in 1976 in Lausanne, studied Philosophy and holds Degrees in Business Administration and Electronic Engineering. During his professional career, he worked in the fields of corporate sales and investment management. He is vegan, lives in Austria and Spain and is a father to two wonderful kids.

Govinda Das. Yoga Teaher. Villa Govinda:Relaxed vacation home in canary islands

Upcoming Triyoga Workshop With Govinda Das


Vienna, Austria - Heal your back - Hyperslow


23.2.2019 - 17:00 - 20:00
2.3.2019  -  17:00 - 20:00
9.3.2019  -  17:00 - 20:00

Location: - 1230 Wien, Breitenfurterstraße 372 A / Top 53 - The entrance is on the Breitenfurterstraße, just after the Erste Bank. Ring at Yoga Studio and take the elevator to Level 2. Go straight outside and after a few steps you will see the studio on the left side.

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